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Hi, my name is Kaleb Staack and I am from Sumner, IA. I am a Christian, husband, and a father. I was born and raised in Iowa and have loved the outdoors since I was a young boy. My family is my life.

Before coming to Involve I was a bookkeeper for a family owned implement dealership in Waverly, IA. I choose to work with Involve because of the atmosphere and the people. Working with people who actually care about others was important to me when finding a lifelong career. At Involve Financial it doesn’t matter if you’re an Agency Owner, Regional Director, or it’s your first day in the field, everyone is treated the same. New agents hold themselves with confidence and the leaders are humble; making it easy to reach out and ask questions. The work environment here cannot be beat.

This career has given me the opportunity to be the very best version of myself and reach my true potential. It has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. On top of that, I am able to help people in ways I never thought possible.

Three words to describe myself: Passionate, Innovative, and Loving.

Two things on my bucket list: 1. Off-grid camping trip in Wyoming/Montana 2. Canadian Fishing Trip

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