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Submit a Support Case
To report an issue or ask a Salesforce/Data Axle Genie question just report a Case within  Salesforce. Watch this video to learn about  using the "Cases" feature.
Before using Salesforce or B2B Prospects (Data Axle) you must configure your device settings. Watch this video or review the Salesforce User Guide for step by step instructions.
Signing into Salesforce
This video shows you how to sign into Salesforce via the Mobile Sales App. It details how the login credentials are the same ones used for MSA.
Salesforce Landing Page Overview
Salesforce Landing Page Overview. Learn how to navigate using the dropdown menu and know what you see on the landing page of Salesforce CRM.
MAP: Change User Interface Preference  from Mobile UI to Desktop UI
If the Salesforce Map is looking different than what is being demonstrated in the videos, then the User Interface (UI) Preference Setting needs to be updated.
Exporting Prospects B2B from Data Axle Genie to Salesforce & Push to MSA Process
How the Salesforce Map Desktop UI looks like when you Export B2B to SF, Load Layers, & Push to Mobile Sales App (MSA).
MAP: Load Prospects Residential & Push to MSA Process 
From the Salesforce Homepage to the Map where we show you the various ways to load & push Resdiential Prospects to MSA, then sync them on the MSA Leads Page.
MAP: Load Prospects Residential Anywhere  on Salesforce Map
Load yellow Pins from anywhere on the Map without needing a Pin to load from. Practical for opening a new territory where there are no pins in sight.
Manually Syncing Leads in MSA
Demonstrates how to manually Sync Leads in Mobile Sales App after having Pushed to Mobile from the Salesforce map.
Create & Use Shapes on Salesforce Map 
If you work you area tight then the Shapes feature is what you want. Check out how to create & use Shapes on the Map.
Opportunity Lists Overview
Opportunity listviews are arranged in columns  & rows. The columns are sortable (asc and dsc) as well as expandable. Search the lists or use the Opportunities dropdown to see what other lists are available to you based on your role (Agent/AB/AO).
Opportunity Page, Person Account Page, & Insurance Policy Page
Check out how each listview can lead into an Opportunity page where you can review further details such as demographics, policy information (based on Opportunity type), history, etc.
Reassignment of Agency Opportunities
(User Role-AB/AA/AO) 
Webinar on how to re-assign Opportunities of your Agency or Team using the Salesforce Re-Assign Opportunities Page
Learn how to start a Route using the Map Pins. If a Google Account is linked to your Mobile Device, send that same Route to your native GPS Navigation App.
Create Customized Map Layer
Data Sets on Salesforce Map
Learn how to take a Map Layer & customize it with additional information to best suit your Business needs.
Create a Customized Opportunity List
Shows you how to create your own listviews using a standard opportunity listview as the foundation (filter and display fields).
Log Activity & Schedule Appointments
Understand where & how to use the Event/Tasks buttons on the SF Opportunity Page, including setting an appointment then pushing only that specific Appointment Pin to MSA. 
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